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Destinations: Mary Katrantzou picks Spetses, Greece.

By : Melissa Serpico Kamhout
islands vacation greece destinations
Destinations:  Mary Katrantzou picks Spetses, Greece.

The best person to ask for travel advice is a like-minded individual with exquisite taste and style. Our first, in a series of destinations recommended by our designers, is from Mary Katrantzou.  When asked what her favorite spot for a getaway in her native country, she replied…


Spetses, a tiny island in Greece, where I go to try relax and unwind - there are no cars and it reminds me of my many holidays spent there as a child”.



This affluent island is a perfect retreat for stylish Athenians and the international jet-set alike to escape the hot summer heat to their chic villas.  There are plenty of secluded coves and crystal clear beaches to soak up the sun on this pine covered island.  Super-yachts await seaside next to traditional fishing boats for their passengers to return from the local tavernas.



Spetses, located in the Attica region, is car-free minus a few taxis and delivery vehicles.  You can tour the promenade lined with seaside mansions by horse-drawn carriage or get around effortlessly on a moped or bicycle.


Top image and listing image from Mary Katrantzou's personal collection.