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Movie: Gattaca's 90s Minimalism

By : Modi Al Asmi
Movie: Gattaca's 90s Minimalism

A carefully crafted film can offer a glimpse into the future of fashion, opening our eyes to a world of chic possibilities and alternative notions of beauty. Andrew Nicol’s Sci-fi thriller Gattaca, was one such movie which came to define the kind of cool ‘90s minimalism championed by Prada and Jil Sander at the time. Set in an imagined near future, its plot focuses on a society obsessed with eugenics, a program where genes are engineered to produce perfect human beings.


That sense of perfection continues throughout the film, with its framed views of sleek modern interiors, seamless machinery and landscapes dotted with gleaming satellite dishes…a visionary look into the future which earned the film an Academy Award for Best Art Direction.


Yet it was Gattaca’s costumes which left an impression thanks to its talented designer Colleen Atwood, a three time Oscar nominee, whose looks worn by Uma Thurman throughout the film came to epitomize minimalist chic. Atwood’s futuristic take on old Hollywood glamour included fitted dark tailored suits accented with crisp starched collars for day, and sinuous dapped evening gowns cut from techno-like metallic fabrics. It is a vision of the future that continues to be a font of inspiration for a new generation of designers.

Andrew Nicol’s Sci-fi thriller Gattaca, came to define the kind of cool ‘90s minimalism championed by Prada and Jil Sander.